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I write, knit and corchet and do comms for all three.

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For all commissions either mail me at [email protected] or message me via one of my social medias for discussing your commission.Prices are set in Euro, but I also accept other currencies at current exchange rate, payment via Paypal. You must be 18+ to commission me."Hey, Elenya, you also sell handdyed yarn. I can't knit or crochet, but I'd love to have something made out of this yarn. Can you use this yarn for me please?" - I absolutely can and would be glad to! Tho those yarns fall under the "may cost extra" category.


I can knit and crochet you pretty much anything. This craft is highly individual, so it's hard to set a fixed price. It depends on what you want, the yarn used and other factors like a pattern, that is not free. Some things, like socks, are however somewhat standardized, and for them I have a fixed list.In general: If you want a hand dyed yarn from me, add 15€ to the prize, 20€ if you want it dyed in natural colors like goldenrot or walnuts. Natural colors are of course only available during season.I ship with German Post/DHL. Shipping cost come on top of the price for the product. You can pay half up front and the rest plus shipping later, or everything up front, it’s up to you. Payment via paypal.Normal socks:
-socks wool as you wish (wool different from standard socks wool may cost extra)
-no or very simple pattern
-high cuff
Pattern socks:
-socks wool as you wish (wool different from standard socks wool may cost extra)
-pattern as you wish (plus extra costs if your pattern is not free) high cuff
Surprise socks:
-surprise socks wool as long as I have leftovers in my stash, you can wish for certain colors, but no guarantee
-no or very simple pattern (+5€ if you wish for a complex pattern + pattern price if pattern is not free)
-high cuff
Summer socks:
-Every sock can be ordered as summer version for 8€ less with a short cuff only going over the ankle.
Pride socks:
-I offer the opportunity for pride socks, socks with multiple stripes in the colors of the flag you wish. You can order them as normal socks, pattern socks or summer socks. First two colors are free, every extra color cost 2,50€ each with the exception of rainbow wool under the condition that rainbow wool is currently available for me (I check that for you, no worries)
House slippers:
-It is possible to sew leather soles onto every knitted sock so you can wear them as slippers. If you wish that, add the price for the soles (usually between 15 to 20€) plus 2€ extra to the base price of the sock. I currently have a pair of leather soles left over. In this case I only want 2€ extra to the base price of the sock. They have an extra sole for more warmth. I also have a lot of Coburger Fuchsschaf wool left over, a special sheep breed from Germany I used for my slippers. It’s 100% wool and therefore quite rough, but super warm and perfect for slippers. But you can use pretty much any wool that’s fit for socks.


You can commission any prose from me (minus drama, read: theatre plays). Caps at 10k words, for more you have to commission me several times.Will do:
-OCs when provided with enough background
-Kinks and Dead Dove not listed under Won’t Do (for example Underage, dubcon, necrophilia, incest, selfcest, for others please ask)
-Fantasy, Science Fiction, queer Fiction and my usual fandoms (ask me or check my ao3)
Won't do:
- Lolicon (doesn’t mean Underage)
- Bestiality
- Mechas, Furries
- anything feces related
- oviposition
- Non-con/rape
- mpreg
- A/B/O
- my NOTPs (ask me)
Pricing and right to use:
- 0.019€ per word with a minimum of 500 words (9€) and a 5% margin
- Half the price up front or all at once (your choice). A slight additional payment may be necessary if the finished text deviates from the margin by more than 5%.
- You get a draft after about 1/3 of the text is finished, where you can ask me of any changes (that don’t completely throw the text around) and approve of the text. At this point you can cancel the commission with a 50% refund of any money already payed. Once approved I’ll ask you for the rest of the payment if you haven’t already payed all at once. I’ll keep you updated via shared google doc and you can ask me for minor changes up until 3/4 of the text is done.
- I reserve the right to use the text as I seem fit. You are allowed to use it for private matters only (for example download the epub from ao3 to safe it offline) or to share it on your platform (i.e. Tumblr) with propper credit (for example by tagging me). You are not allowed to post the text on ao3 or other similar platforms without my approval.
- I reserve the right to reject a request, if it doesn’t suit me, as well as cancelling the whole project if you turn out to be too difficult to work with. In the later case you get a 100% refund (minus paypal fees).

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